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Coryxkenshin Simulacra

WHAT DID WE DO WRONG!? | Simulacra ENDING (Part 5)

We're back to finish this game once and for al- WHAT THE FREAK IS THAT!? Join The Samurai ▻ That Twitter Tho?

2017-12-29 37:49 1,286,556 YouTube

Gamers Reactions to Taylor Singing | SIMULACRA (Sequel of Sara is Missing)

Here with you "Gamers React Comp". In this video you will see some of the reactions to Taylor Singing in the game called SIMULACRA (Sequel of Sara is ...

2017-11-20 10:13 298,556 YouTube

SIMULACRA All Endings (Horror) - Save Anna, Save Taylor, Save Both, and Abandon All Hope Endings

Simulacra All Endings Gameplay. This video of Simulacra shows how to get the Save Both Taylor And Anna Ending, Save Anna Ending, Save Taylor Ending, ...

2017-11-11 49:54 1,243,995 YouTube

CoryXKenshin SIMULACRA Spark Jumpscare

2017-12-30 01:00 456 YouTube

Gamers Reaction to Aulner sending Text Emojis! (o - o) | Simulacra

Gamers Reaction to Aulner sending text Emojis (o-o) | Simulacra In today's video we have several gamers reacting to Aulner sending them goofy text emojis, ...

2018-04-04 02:26 19,840 YouTube

A Trip With CoryxKenshin

Spent this last weekend in San Antonio at PAX South 2018.. best PAX so far... hands down.Join The Samurai ► That Twitter Tho? ► Facebook ► Instagram ► G...

2018-01-17 10:16 58 Dailymotion


FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM @coryxkenshin THESE ARE INCREDIBLE LOLJoin The Samurai ► That Twitter Tho? ► Facebook ► Instagram ► Get some CORYXKENSHIN GEAR! ►O...

2018-09-06 12:32 10 Dailymotion



2017-03-25 28:32 17 Dailymotion

Make-A-Wish X CoryxKenshin

Make-A-Wish reached out to me and told me a girl who has a life-threatening illness has contacted them and wants to use her wish to meet and hang out with me. M...

2017-12-25 11:33 24 Dailymotion

CORYXKENSHIN LEVEL!? YOO WAAUGHHH (im so happy..) | Guts and Glory #5

So it has come to my attention there is a certain "CORYxKENSHIN LEVEL," so let's dive into some Guts and Glory and beat it!Join The Samurai ► That Twitter Tho...

2018-08-16 16:47 35 Dailymotion