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Are They RUSHING The Next Xbox Console? - Microsoft Rant

My sources are saying that Microsoft is hard at working trying to make the next Xbox console. They want their system done BEFORE the playstation 5, but is it too soon for a Xbox Two? Share..

2018-01-01 10:43 23,713 YouTube

Is the PS4 and Sony in TROUBLE? - Rant Video

With the CEO of Sony, Kaz Hirai, randomly stepping down last night people are beginning to question if Sony and the PS4 are heading for trouble. Let's talk about that! Share and subscribe...

2018-02-02 06:24 17,702 YouTube

The Life and Death of the PlayStation Vita! - Retrospective Review

It's been 6 years since Sony's amazing handheld, the PS Vita, came out in that time it's had a tough journey. Today we are reviewing the system one final time, looking at the good, the bad,.

2018-01-16 13:32 23,145 YouTube

NEW GAME ROOM TOUR! - 80k Subscriber Special

I'm finally moved into the new house so it's time to go through my massive game collection and check everything out! Share and subscribe if you liked it! Follow me on social media: Facebook:

2017-11-27 45:39 14,419 YouTube

Sonic Forces Review! WORSE Than Mania? (PS4/Switch/Xbox One)

After playing the amazing Sonic Mania earlier this year I was hyped for Sonic Forces. Does it measure up or totally suck? Let's boost into my review of Sonic Forces! Share and subscribe if..

2017-11-06 08:27 101,674 YouTube

5 Silent Hills Theories So Creepy They Might Be True

Silent Hills is the next game in the venerable Silent Hill survival horror . Its being overseen by Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima and famed horror direct...

2017-10-02 12:47 0 Dailymotion
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