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Kidsongs:A Day at Old MacDonald's Farm | Mary Had a Little Lamb | This Old Man | for kids | PBS Kids

A Day at Old MacDonald's Farm, the classic Kidsongs episode featuring "Old MacDonald Had a Farm", "Mary Had a Little Lamb", "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" "Here we go round the Mulberry Bush"

2013-03-14 23:19 1,552,855 YouTube

Yum Yum Vegetables Song | Nursery Rhymes and Kid's Songs Compilation Video by ABCkidTV

A new collection of our original kid's songs! Starting with our recent song about a baby who doesn't want to eat his vegetables, this video is guaranteed to have your toddlers singing along.

2017-06-05 05:19 2,734,823 YouTube

A Day with the Animals by Kidsongs |Nursery Rhymes & Baby Songs | How Much is that Doggie | PBS Kids

Here is Kidsongs: A Day with the Animals, the Full 30 minute show as seen on PBS Kids and The Disney Channel ! Your children will love this collection of nursery rhymes, baby songs and child

2013-03-14 23:02 891,724 YouTube

We Love Horses | Kidsongs TV Show | Kids Horses | Pony Fun | Over the River | Buffalo Gals | PBS Kid

This Kidsongs TV Show's all about horses! A professional horse trainer gives the kids a treat when he brings a pony to the studio. Featuring these fun kids songs from the hit PBS Kids TV...

2018-01-11 28:40 6,830 YouTube

Ride the Roller Coaster | Kidsongs | Rollercoaster Kid Song | Twist | Water Ride | Kids | PBS Kids

Kidsongs: Ride the Roller Coaster will be your kid songs favorite ! FIlled with the best songs for kids, this sing along trip to the theme park with water rides, bumper cars, and lots more..

2013-03-14 22:41 710,428 YouTube

Kidsongs TV Show - Season 4 - Episode 3 - Let's Dance


2013-08-10 28:39 54,442 Dailymotion

Kidsongs - I Can Dance


2013-07-26 25:45 32,057 Dailymotion

Kidsongs TV Show - Season 4 - Episode 12 - We Are Family


2013-08-10 28:39 25,052 Dailymotion

Kidsong 2012 "The Three T's"

It's the infamous 3 T's from Kidsong 2012. This is a little song that makes sure all of our awesome delegates at conference remember 1. Tribes, 2. Tokens. 3. To...

2012-07-18 02:46 403 Vimeo

Kidsong World Europe 2011 Highlights

This is the highlights video for Kidsong World at Hillsong Europe Conference 2011. For more information and to register please visit http://hillsongconference.c...

2011-09-05 03:48 1,640 Vimeo

Happy 25th, Hillsong Conference - Love Kidsong

For 25 years Hillsong Conference has been championing the cause of the local Church. And in that time we have seen countless kids and teenagers become a part of...

2011-07-08 03:02 556 Vimeo

Kidsong Promo 2013


2013-06-19 01:02 701 Vimeo

Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed Nursery Rhyme!

The Five Little Monkeys nursery rhyme is a popular and favorite song for kids, children, toddlers, babies, and infants. This children's song is useful to teach ...

2014-04-24 02:14 11,030 Vimeo
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