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15 Strange Things That Seem Normal Only In South Korea

South Korea is a dream travel destination for many, an absolutely fantastic culture, a country of contrasts, where modern technologies and ancient Eastern ...

2018-05-21 10:42 5,871,584 YouTube

10 Strange School Rules In SOUTH KOREA

10 bizarre facts regarding the educational system in South Korea. Subscribe to our channel: For copyright matters please contact us at: ...

2018-03-12 05:31 890,900 YouTube

KOREAN STREET FOOD - Gwangjang Market Street Food Tour in Seoul South Korea | BEST Spicy Korean Food

Korean Street Food | Street Food in Seoul | Gwangjang Market So PUMPED to be in Seoul, South Korea for a MASSIVE Street Food tour! We spent 7 days ...

2017-09-18 11:46 5,150,293 YouTube

[YTN LIVE] 대한민국 24시간 뉴스채널 YTN

YTN 뉴스보기□ □ YTN 제보안내 □ - 홈페이지: - 모바일: YTN 앱의 제보하기 - 이메일: - 전화: #2424.

2017-08-17 00:00 65,015,908 YouTube

What It's Like Living in Korea

So I've officially been living in Korea for 1 month now! Here are some of my thoughts on the good, the not so good, and some differences from when I lived in ...

2018-03-25 14:28 310,872 YouTube

Trump greets released North Korean detainees

► Read - American detainees in North Korea en route to US was freed while US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was on a visit to P...

2018-10-15 01:04 4,096 Dailymotion

Trump on Russia and North Korea

Trump on Russia and North Korea...

2018-10-15 09:53 2,739 Dailymotion

North Korea meeting, UK data and US bank results

The FT's Vanessa Kortekaas highlights the key stories to watch for in the week ahead, including an annual meeting of North Korea's parliament – ahead of histo...

2018-10-15 04:50 3,266 Dailymotion

North Korea warns on US-South Korea military exercise

North Korea has warned that the annual US-South Korean war games scheduled to start later this month may increase tensions on the peninsula. Simon Mundy reports...

2018-10-15 02:36 2,517 Dailymotion

Pope Francis arrives in South Korea | FT World

► Subscribe to the Financial Times on YouTube: Korean president Park Geun-hye met Pope Francis in Seoul on Thursday. The visit go...

2018-10-15 01:25 2,186 Dailymotion

Experimental work - KOREA

디자인릴레이 10번째 프로젝트 - KOREA 디자인릴레이 10번째 주제는 Korea였습니다. 이번 프로젝트의 목표는 어떠한 스토리...

2017-06-19 00:45 13,347 Vimeo

Creative Korea IDent

Production : 2Grey Art Director : 이민휘 MinWhee Lee Motion Graphic Designer : 이민휘 MinWhee Lee, 강태경 TaeKyung Kang Project Manager : 장민혁 Min...

2016-12-05 01:17 13,732 Vimeo


A video about a trip to South Korea. Filmed with the Lumix GF1 and a 14-45mm....

2010-03-29 03:53 8,711 Vimeo


Trip to Korea with my friends 3:38 - 3:39 Not cocaine...

2015-11-09 03:56 7,182 Vimeo

서울 - Seoul, South Korea

Some images from the short time I lived in Seoul, South Korea. Filmed in Itaewon, Hongdae, Mapo Gu and Jongno and Sinchon. Music written and performed by Rodri...

2016-07-31 02:53 28,678 Vimeo
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