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Fuel prices hiked again, petrol, diesel touch new heights

Citizens are yet to receive any respite from skyrocketing fuel prices, as the retail rates of petrol and diesel have once again witnessed a hike on Tuesday. In ...

2018-10-16 01:54 729 Dailymotion

#1MENIT | Ribut Sandi Dengan Susi

Menteri Susi lewat pernyataan persnya kepada media mengaku geram dengan pernyataan Sandiaga, saat berkampanye di pusat pengalengan ikan di Indramayu, Jawa Barat...

2018-10-18 00:43 0 Dailymotion

Michael Jordan vs. Lebron James - Who Is The GOAT?

To celebrate the new NBA season kick off, here's a head-to-head comparison between the NBA stars Michael Jordan and LeBron James....

2018-10-16 01:33 119 Dailymotion

Anteprima e festa 18 Anni Marianna - Photographmovie - CCEventi

Album fotografico in composizione in formato video di un' anteprima a Napoli e festa di compleanno al Phoenix Club. Photographmovie - CC Eventi...

2018-10-16 09:34 34 Dailymotion

D.O.W.N.L.O.A.D [P.D.F] Demetrio: Drama per Musica (Classic Reprint) [E.P.U.B]

Read Demetrio: Drama per Musica (Classic Reprint) Online Get now online : Demetrio: Drama per Musica (Classic R...

2018-10-12 00:31 0 Dailymotion

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