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Multi Task

How to multitask effectively - Multitasking tips How do you keep track of all the chores, tasks and obligations in your life every day? Psychologist Dr.

2008-10-29 02:51 37,466 YouTube

Multitask 2 - Personal Record 140+

My personal Multitask 2 record.

2012-06-08 02:50 25,427 YouTube

Proof that men can multitask

Finally, this guy proves it beyond any doubt (sarcasm). An early video of mine which I feel deserves a fresh look.

2013-03-10 00:48 335,671 YouTube

Multitasking Is a Myth, and to Attempt It Comes at a Neurobiological Cost

Multitasking is a myth, says McGill University Psychology Professor Daniel Levitin. Switching focus across tasks comes at a neurological cost, depleting ...

2016-05-09 02:47 56,323 YouTube

Multitask | Brain Overload!

Livestream tonight at 7:30pm EST! Follow me on Twitch to be notified! Gonna be a lot of fun! (Or not) Beat my score: ...

2014-01-24 07:23 5,498 YouTube

Mind-controlled third arm will take multi-tasking to next level

Researchers have successfully taught volunteers to use a mind-controlled robotic arm to carry out two separate tasks simultaneously....

2018-08-02 01:39 12 Dailymotion

ZTE’s Axon M takes multi-tasking to the n


2018-01-22 00:37 10,507 Dailymotion

ZTE’s Axon M takes multi-tasking to the next le


2018-01-22 00:43 12,328 Dailymotion

ZTE’s Axon M takes multi-tasking to the next


2018-01-22 00:28 10,379 Dailymotion

ZTE’s Axon M takes multi-tasking to the next


2018-01-22 00:28 24,430 Dailymotion

Holiday/Dooms Day Card 2012

In an effort to multi-task this year, We decided to combine our holiday cartoon with our end of the world animation... ENJOY!...

2012-12-21 00:29 5,718 Vimeo

Task 3.3 : Biomechanical simulation of dung beetles « Work Plan 3. Biomechanical simulation of multi legs »

This mechanic dung beetle is a concept design of biomechanical high mobility body-limb for the unmanned vehicle to carry Relief goods to disaster city while hur...

2015-11-25 01:48 1,608 Vimeo

17 Ft. Type 1A Multi-Task Ladder 67646

This step ladder is a must-have for any shop or garage! The ladder can be used in 23 possible configurations to accommodate a variety of applications. The ladde...

2015-11-11 00:57 148,017 Vimeo

Assigning a Multi-Step task to Production Assistant

Shows how Production Coordinator sets up a multi-step task for the Production Assistant....

2017-07-15 06:47 8 Vimeo

Multi-tasking in PHP

When it comes to multi-tasking and interacting with the operating system, PHP is no lightweight. In this December 6, 2012 presentation Jonathon Hill (@compwrigh...

2012-12-19 49:43 0 Vimeo