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Samantha Eggar

Samantha Eggar Discusses Cary Grant

Samantha Eggar co starred with Cary Grant in his last film " Walk Don't Run" (1966) From Cary Grant : A Class Apart ( 2004)

2017-09-10 01:23 360 YouTube

Samantha Eggar RCA ColorTrak commercial

Samantha Eggar RCA ColorTrak commercial.

2015-05-13 00:31 1,985 YouTube

SAMANTHA EGGAR Q&A and Greeting Fans @ Cinecon 48 9.1.12 after WALK, DON'T RUN

Via Samantha Eggar does a Q&A and greets fans after a Cinecon screening of her 1966 film WALK, DON'T RUN, the last film in which Cary Grant ever appeared. http://boycul

2012-09-05 30:40 3,454 YouTube

RCA ColorTrak TV Commercial (Samantha Eggar, 1976)

"RCA is making television better and better." RCA ColorTrak TV commercial featuring actor, Samantha Eggar ('Doctor Dolittle'). Spot aired in December 1976. *Visit for 1970s..

2016-08-01 00:35 962 YouTube

Beautiful goodbye scene from DOCTOR DOLITTLE - Rex Harrison, Samantha Eggar

Beautifully orchestrated goodbye scene from the 1967 Best Picture Nominee DOCTOR DOLITTLE with Rex Harrison and Samantha Egger.

2011-03-16 03:01 40,139 YouTube

Ziegfeld: The Man and His Women (1978) Paul Shenar, Samantha Eggar,

If you would like this film Please visit our Webstore Four women intimate with the showman tell his .\r\rZIEGFELD: THE MAN AND HIS WOMEN Trailer, featuring Paul...

2015-12-04 21:16 155 Dailymotion

All The Kind Strangers (1974) - Stacy Keach, Samantha Eggar, John Savage - Feature (Thriller)

Thriller (1974) 73 minutes ~ Color A couple traveling through a backwoods area are held by a a group of orphans who want them to become their parents. Unfortuna...

2017-03-01 14:14 677 Dailymotion

Natalie Wood Paul Newman Jane Fonda Samantha Eggar Malibu August 15, 1965

Natalie Wood Paul Newman Jane Fonda Samantha Eggar Malibu August 15, 1965...

2015-05-02 04:47 887 Dailymotion

L'etrusco uccide ancora - 1/2 (1972 film giallo/thriller) Samantha Eggar

L'etrusco uccide ancora è un film del 1972 diretto da Armando Crispino. Girato tra Spoleto, Cerveteri, Tarquinia, Frascati (villa Aldobrandini), Montefiascone...

2017-06-03 47:45 428 Dailymotion

L'etrusco uccide ancora - 2/2 (1972 film giallo/thriller) Samantha Eggar

seconda e ultima parte...

2017-06-04 53:53 119 Dailymotion

Samantha Eggar Demo Reel

Selected scenes from "Commander In Chief"...

2009-02-10 05:16 205 Vimeo


A dark design from the mind of David Cronenberg (Scanners, The Fly, Eastern Promises), internationally acclaimed exponent of psychological horror, The Brood is ...

2013-03-19 02:44 373 Vimeo

TREATMENT (Composite), 2013

TREATMENT, 2013 Duration: 9 minutes, 11 seconds TREATMENT, a dual-channel installation by Candice Breitz, brings an original soundtrack to three key scenes fro...

2013-11-27 08:36 0 Vimeo

Samantha Eggar In September

Vocaloid MEIKO Music by Tokinotou...

2016-12-02 04:00 2 Vimeo

The Brood: Samantha Eggar Gets Maternal.

Excerpted clip from the Criterion Blu-ray of "THE BROOD" for purposes of commentary and criticism at This qualifies as Fair Use under section Sect...

2015-10-10 01:21 98 Vimeo
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