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Screew Attack Shenmue

Jeff Gerstmann's Shenmue Rant (PAX East 2014)

Sony's Giocorsi mentions Shenmue at a panel during PAX East with Jeff Gerstmann providing his own unique perspective on the game series.

2014-04-13 01:01 19,289 YouTube

Shenmue I & II Comparison - Darts 7

Shenmue and Shenmue II both have Darts 7 at their respective arcade and it's the same game in both. But how similar are they really? ...... This side by side and round by round comparison...

2017-01-08 07:19 489 YouTube

Making of Shenmue (Japanese TV Special) - Subtitled

Translation and English Captions by TV special about the development of Shenmue with Yu Suzuki. (Episode 1 of the documentary series "Network Jungle III", br

2015-11-08 58:50 33,725 YouTube

Shenmue II Music: Notebook

Shenmue II Music: Notebook

2010-03-01 00:56 7,354 YouTube

Amiga Longplay Dragonstone Played By: Lemm I thought it was the sequel to Darkmere, but I failed :-/

2008-10-26 54:52 19,316 YouTube

Shenmue 3, le teaser du jeu avec la date de sortie

Shenmue III, les images du jeu les infos

2017-08-22 02:05 5,096 Dailymotion

Shenmue III - Rapport de développement #2

Shenmue III (PC) - Rapport de développement #2...

2017-03-16 01:50 4,999 Dailymotion

Shenmue 3 - Test de juego

Test de juego de Shenmue 3...

2017-03-16 01:50 564 Dailymotion

TRIVIA : Découvrez le moyen de transport supprimé de Shenmue

Merci de suivre Gameblog sur notre chaîne. Tests, news, astuces, geekeries, forum, toute l'actu des jeux vidéo vous attend sur Suive...

2016-02-25 02:28 2,037 Dailymotion

Shenmue III - From the Dev Room

Shenmue III (PC) - From the Dev Room...

2016-08-31 02:09 4,584 Dailymotion
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