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Skim Board The Wedge

Skimboarders at the Wedge Newport Beach

Bodyboarders and Skimboarders at the Wedge in Newport Beach. 3-4 foot waves and Off shore winds made for a fun day. Shot and edited by Wesley Kong.

2013-10-07 11:34 2,770,859 YouTube

Fall Skimboarding at The Wedge

2017-01-27 04:27 32,869 YouTube

"The Day of Days" - Giant Wedge Skimboarding

This is the main video from the day we refer to as "The Day of Days", though the footage is spread out over a few videos, this one contains the biggest rides.

2017-08-13 03:49 42,783 YouTube

Skimboarding a big day at The Wedge

Song is "Miles to go" by Stateless.

2017-08-09 04:26 3,431 YouTube

Skimboarding Spring Wedge 2017

2017-04-28 04:39 3,879 YouTube

Incoming Off The Starboard | Skim Board High Five #FAIL

While trying to high five the boat driver, this lake skimboarder overshot his target. Thanks to our JukinMember for the upload. SUBSCRIBE:

2013-07-29 00:42 8,850 Dailymotion

Victor, le pro du Skim Board

Avez vous déjà vu un tel skimboarder ? Moi oui, et.. j'ai rigolé !...

2008-09-09 01:00 1,863 Dailymotion

Quick tricks of Bryan Lake on a Skim Board .... Baja Mexico ...

Quick tricks of Bryan Lake on a Skim Board .... Baja Mexico ......

2016-03-24 00:26 1 Dailymotion

skim board fail

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2016-04-08 00:04 2 Dailymotion

skim board

skim board...

2015-07-06 00:05 8 Dailymotion

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