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2017-11-06 26:03 1,462,374 YouTube

Sleepy David - how Kenyans react to accidents

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2014-09-12 03:36 64,854 YouTube

Sleepy David - Ukitaka WifeMaterial, toa kichwa Roysambu.

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2018-03-26 08:32 46,014 YouTube

Sleepy Ocean Waves Sounds for Deep Sleeping, Relaxing Natural Lullaby, 8 Hours!

8 hours of relaxing ocean sounds of waves for deep sleeping. Ocean Sounds are the best sleep music and a natural insomnia cure and by far the perfect lullaby ...

2016-06-23 01:00 1,641,705 YouTube

[Eng Es PT Sub] BTS replied SLEEPY right back after BBMA! They are so humble, sweet & nice... 방탄소년단

[Eng Es PT Sub] BTS replied SLEEPY right back after BBMA! They are so humble, sweet & nice... 방탄소년단 I love how SLEEPY talks about BTS. You can tell ...

2018-05-22 05:01 147,054 YouTube

Funny Sleepy Animals

Funny Sleepy Animals...

2014-06-02 02:10 16,618,177 Dailymotion

SpongeBob SquarePants 130 Sleepy Time


2017-10-17 09:31 12,301 Dailymotion

Baby and Sleepy Puppy

This is the cutest video you will ever watch....

2015-04-01 02:43 368,773 Dailymotion

2 Month Old Twin Babies Swimming And Play Even Sleepy

Swimming is a great activity for our baby. You can help them get used to the water and become confident swimmers. Follow & Like us @ Facebook : bebês gêmeos ...

2015-12-15 02:53 231,325 Dailymotion



2016-12-21 02:00 5,836 Dailymotion

Sleepy Steve

A fuzzy bachelor has engineered his wacky morning routine with robotic precision. SCREENINGS Cinequest Film Festival USA Film Festival - Finalist Foyle Film Fe...

2016-05-30 04:02 213,180 Vimeo


Life can be a little bit different and complicated when you're a narcoleptic boy like Rémi.. La vie peut parfois être compliquée quand on est narcoleptique ...

2017-07-11 01:12 25,253 Vimeo


Amir tries so hard to do well. So hard. I'm really proud of him, more than this video shows. (remember: we make some videos that don't go on Vi...

2007-07-27 01:38 86,569 Vimeo

Sleepy Doggies

Just messing around with some colour grading techniques. Also trying to get back in the groove of making little videos again. Dogs: Petunia (pug, age 8) & W...

2014-07-03 00:43 4,306 Vimeo


Sleepy's 2000 Acura Gsr -Jdm Itr HID front end conversion -BYS front bumper -Euro K20R changeover -All in Fabrications custom center feed intake manifold, head...

2013-04-28 00:56 3,929 Vimeo
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