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Underwater Speaker

Underwater Speakers in Jacksonville, FL

Troubleshooting underwater speakers with a Sony Action CAM. You can only hear sound if your head is under water.

2015-08-27 02:11 17,505 YouTube

How to make an underwater speaker / sound system!

listen to music underwater! with this easy build you to can listen to all of your favorite music when your in the pool, scuba diving, or even when your in the tub!

2010-07-13 03:27 50,140 YouTube

JBL Charge 3 - Water test

e-mail: Sounds: 0:10 - 1:32 = TroyBoi - No Substitute ft. Y.A.S.

2016-08-08 01:33 307,881 YouTube

Play Music Underwater! Barnacle Plus Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker Review

Underwater Music with the Barnacle Plus.

2017-10-11 07:50 1,088 YouTube

Electro-Voice Commercial Underwater Speaker w/waterproof 3-conductor 50-foot cable

More from : Electro-Voice Commercial Underwater Speaker w/waterproof 3-conductor 50...

2015-05-11 00:56 205 Dailymotion

overpowering speaker underwater

overpowering speaker underwater...

2015-08-01 01:54 3 Dailymotion


The term waterproof itself refers that it will work irrespective of water level, even amidst temporary sinking. People who are marine lovers and never wish to s...

2017-03-06 00:30 3 Dailymotion

Fish may not like loud music either

University of Minnesota researchers are installing an experimental underwater speaker system to ward off Asian Carp near Genoa, Wisconsin. WKBT's Brittany Schmi...

2014-08-05 01:54 34 Dailymotion

Water way to relax – Resort offers first ever underwater yoga classes

By Jack Williams Water way to relax this is – as one resort is offering what is being described as the first-ever underwater yoga classes. Enthusiastic yogis ...

2018-05-03 01:38 17,757 Dailymotion

Shoot video UNDERWATER for less than $19!!!

I recently made this fantastic underwater video camera housing for only $19, and have used it to capture some great underwater footage. 2013 update:- Ian Ush...

2006-01-03 00:59 35,025 Vimeo

The Underwater Realm - Official Trailer HD

THE UNDERWATER REALM has been released and is available worldwide on YouTube for everyone to enjoy -

2012-12-14 01:29 15,796 Vimeo

Oceanears Underwater Speakers for swimming pools OCEANEARS UNDERWATER SPEAKERS FOR SWIMMING POOLS Imagine yourself hosting a pool-side neighborhood barbecue. The music is pumping, the grill is...

2014-12-29 10:47 0 Vimeo


In the fall of 2013, the Hans Christian Andersen Museum [] in Odense Denmark opened an interact...

2013-11-09 02:02 8,498 Vimeo

THE OCEAN FOREST_(ides of march mix)

Intermittent, seemingly random, audiovisual signals from a long lost underwater forest experiment , reach our surface many years later. An exploration and evo...

2012-02-16 07:35 56 Vimeo